Oxalis Bulbs – Versicolor

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Planted from bulbs. It’s fine but it turned out to not be the right plant. It was def oxalis but not oxalis vesicor. Vesicolor has white and red leaves that look like candy canes.

Allium Bulbs – Mont Blanc FORTE: These flowers can practically arrange themselves – Red Lion and Ferrari (red), Hercules (pink), Nymph (double white with red markings), Benefica (burgundy), Mont Blanc (white). Pure white flowered form of this low-growing species, suited to front of borders or containers. The foliage is a feature of this variety, being broader than most allium leaves

Transcript – Episode 27 – Spring Colour: Sophie looks at some of her favourite bulbs and corms for spring colour. Pruning Grevilleas: Angus shows how to correctly prune a variety of grevilleas, including groundcovers, shrubs a.

Oxalis / ˈ ɒ k s ə l ɪ s / is a large genus of flowering plants in the wood-sorrel family Oxalidaceae comprising about 570 species. The genus occurs throughout most of the world, except for the polar areas; species diversity is particularly rich in tropical Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. Many of the species are known as wood sorrels (sometimes written "woodsorrels" or "wood-sorrels") as.

The product line says bulbs but the picture shows seeds so I expected to receive seeds on this order although I did hope for bulbs as that is what I expected for the other orders.

By Becca Badgett (Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden). If you’re looking for a new type of spring flower, consider planting the candy cane oxalis plant. A sub-shrub, growing candy cane sorrel is an option for adding something new and different in the early spring garden, or even in containers.

A daring passion – Recently on TradeMe, one of her friends sold a single tiny Oxalis versicolor bulb – which produces a candy-cane type flower with white and red edges – for the grand sum of $101. Anne has been collecti.

Bicoloured Oxalis Versicolor (Candy Cane Sorrel) is a unique bulb with really spectacular flowers! It can be planted in the garden, but why not make a show and plant it in a container where it will ha.

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