Hydrangea Paniculata Plant – White Diamonds

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Hydrangea paniculata regains popularity among gardeners – Hydrangea paniculata or.

These handsome plants have flowers that bloom on the end of the branch, some bending with the weight of the panicles, or cone-shaped flowers, that grace the branches. The f.

And sometimes, it can save a whole lot of plant.

Hydrangea paniculata varieties are well-adapted, while Hydrangea macrophylla varieties are difficult. • Hydrangea arborescens varieties: Included ar.

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White Diamonds Hydrangea (White Diamonds Panicle Hydrangea): Patent PP #19,082 Categories: Shrubs Developed by Dr. Michael Dirr at the University of Georgia this paniculata is smaller and more manageable for a small garden or container than other paniculata’s.

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How to Prune a White Hydrangea Paniculata Kyushu – "Kyushu" panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata "Kyushu"), is known for the large numbers of showy white conical flower heads it produces beginning at a young age. It grows in U.S. Department of Agri.

Compact and spreading in its habit, Hydrangea paniculata ‘White Diamonds First Edition’ is both hardy and sturdy, making it ideal for both container planting and beds and borders alike. Purest white clusters of flowers in an unusual cone shape form in summer and stay on the plant through until Autumn, slowly changing colour to a dusky pink.

White Diamonds® Hydrangea Growing and Maintenance Tips All hydrangea naturally undergo some colour change to their flowers as they age. Adjusting the pH balance of the soil (the addition of aluminium sulphate) can change the flower colour from light pink to pink in this cultivar.

White Diamonds® Hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata ‘HYPMAD I’ PP19,082 With a commanding presence in the summer and fall garden, White Diamonds® is an exceptional compact hydrangea with glistening white, upright panicles that eventually fade to lovely parchment and.

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