Parsnip Seeds – Countess F1

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Tokely’s vegetable gardening facts and tips – Andrew Tokely is the Horticultural Manager for the Ipswich-based seed company Thompson.

Rather than sowing parsnips in February/March sow your seed later in April/May for better germination, and st.

Plant seeds eight inches apart in early June. One 8-inch cob per plant. Can be eaten fresh, roasted, grilled, frozen or canned. Pak choi ‘Asian Delight F1’: also known as bok choi, this new compact, s.

Seed company gears up for parsnip season – Tozer Seeds America, who developed the first F1 parsnip hybrid developed over three decades ago, is now preparing for the North American parsnip season. Tozer led the development of F1 hybrid varietie.

View the full range of vegetable seeds available from Dobies. All high germinating quality guaranteed! – Dobies

Carrot Seeds – Flyaway F1 Carrot ‘F1 Flyaway’ is the result of over 15 years breeding, this is we believe the closest to being a completely carrot fly resistant variety. In recent trials it came out top when grown against over 20 other ‘resistant’ varieties. Growing carrots – One week before sowing your seeds, rake in a light dressing of
Petunia Plants – Surfinia Tumbelina Fragrant Mix Tumbelina Petunias are the original and still the best double, trailing, fragrant petunias. Their carnation-like flowers have masses of gorgeous petals that layer upon each other creating the perfect summer patio display, unlike any other available. Keep Summer Colourful!These Mixed Petunia Tumbelina Plants have been Pre-Planted into a pair of 27cm Containers for quick and

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Hybrids, which are often indicated with an F1 on the packets, are the result of crossing two open-pollinated parents. If you save seeds from these plants, it is highly unlikely they will have the same.

Dahlia Tubers – Orange/salmon Mix What’s the proper way to store dahlia tubers over the winter? One method suggested to me. Before planting, thoroughly mix a half-pound of 5- 10-10 fertilizer into the bed for each plant you’ll grow. The Dahlia Man Can – I also love anything orange. for planting the tubers in spring, but the home grower can

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