Saintpaulia Plant – Rs-kabaret

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Ageratum Plants – F1 Haze Mix Ageratum Plants – F1 Haze Mix An extremely attractive ageratum which is smothered throughout the summer in clusters of frothy flowers, in a harmonious combination of pink, Begonia Plants – Escargot Both are cane-forming plants. I’ve got Dragon Wing Red. For a foliar display, Rex Begonia (Begonia Rex-cultorum group) earns its royal name. The leaves

About the African Violet . Saintpaulia is often know as the African Violet because it originates from Africa and the flowers look like violets (although they are unrelated). The plant is a newish addition to our homes, only appearing in large numbers starting in America in the 1930’s but has been loved ever since.

Saintpaulia Plant – RS-Kabaret Commonly Known as African Violets, Saintpaulias are a popular choice for an indoor houseplant that will brighten up any room.Saintpaulia RS-Kabaret is a beautiful variety boasting semi-double blooms.

Available – Standard 3-4 Litre Pot, Large 5 Litre Pot, Extra Large 6 Litre Pot

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Saintpaulia RS-Kabaret is a beautiful variety boasting semi-double blooms. The dark pink/purple flowers are centred with a white eye and contrast beautifully with the medium green pointed leaves. Flowering intermittently throughout the year, Saintpaulias are sensative to fluctuations in temperature and will perform best in a bright position out of direct sunlight at a minimum of 16°C.

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