Tithonia Seeds – Red Torch

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Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia ‘Torch’) Tithonia ‘Torch’ is a large, bushy annual with orange to scarlet flowers that are loved by bees and butterflies and are sometimes visited by hummingbirds.

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AAS Winner. Kniphofia Flamenco. The Torch Lily flower will start bright red, turn orange and mature to yellow.Flowers open from bottom to top, changing colors as they age. Hummingbirds love this plant with its tubular florets. Red Hot Poker flower seeds must be grown in full sun.

In the Garden: Annuals add color after perennials are through – Annuals grow.

tall (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds). Cottage Red has single, bright-red blossoms with orange centers. At 30 inches high, they’ll be a real standout (Cook’s Garden). • Mexican sunflower.

“Although common along the road verge in its native Mexico, you don’t see many ‘red torch’ on our shores. They produce masses of 5-8cm (2-3”) red/orange blooms which have a velvety quality to them.

I was visiting a friend recently and he had these tall plants with orange-red flowers.

simply to sow the seed directly in the garden. Press lightly into the soil surface but do not cover, as seeds.

It will self-seed but not become invasive. Other varieties come in red, pink.

bleeding hearts. TITHONIA: Also called Mexican sunflower, this is a great annual that loves full sun and will take some.

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Tithonia red torch will grow to 40 inches tall in no time and produce.

Tithonia, Mexican Sunflower – Propagating tithonia: By seed. Seeds may be sown outdoors.

Tithonia related varieties: Torch is a medal winner that grows 4 to 6 feet tall, bearing the classic, deep orange-red flowers. Yellow Torc.

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