Kerria Japonica Plant – Golden Guinea

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GARIEPY: Beauty and memories — pass them along – rhododendrons would flower in muted shades of pink and the kerria japonica would brighten up the darkest corner with its brilliant golden flowers. The summers would be lush with black-eyed-susans, tal.

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Another option is the Golden Guinea Japanese kerria (Kerria japonica ‘Golden Guinea’), which develops delicate, yellow blooms in zo.

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The most popular cultivar of Kerria is the old fashioned double flowered form, Kerria j. ‘Pleniflora’. Its yellow button-like flowers resembles a chrysanthemum, and at peak bloom they polka dot the plant to create a distinct look.

Kerria japonica is a small family of plants with a couple of single flowered varieties ‘Simplex’ and ‘Golden Guinea’. ‘Pleniflora’ is the double flowered variety and there is also a variegated version.

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