Begonia Plants – Ambassador Mixed

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Unlike President, Ambassador produces plants which all have rich green foliage. Very striking! Height 20cm (8").

All Flower Plants; Begonia Ambassador Mixed (20) Begonia Plants – F1 Ambassador Mix.

A striking begonia. Unlike President, Ambassador produces plants which all have rich green foliage. Very striking! Height 20cm (8"). Colour: Mixed. Hardiness: 0 degrees. Plants: True.

Gladioli Corms – Black Star & Green Star These are top size gladioli corms and will be sent with full growing instructions. I couldn’t be without gladioli, but you have to go for the classy and unusual varieties. I love them lining the path with dahlias, or shoulder to shoulder in the cutting garden. Gladiolus (from Latin, the diminutive of gladius, a sword)

Very early to bloom in the pack.Color: Mix includes coral, pink, scarlet, soft pink, rose, white, and Are you a Home Gardener? Visit for all your gardening needs.

Why poinsettias are associated with the Christmas season – But there is history backing up why the plant is associated with the holiday. Poinsettias are naturally grown in South and Ce.

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Plants beyond poinsettias for that festive feel – Still, the plant I am most often drawn to as the dark times descend is not one commonly considered a “Christmassy” plant. Beg.

The Begonia Ambassador Mix produces a green foliage and bright pink, red and white blossoms with touches of yellow in the center of bloom. The Begonia is a.

Overwintering geraniums, fuchsias, begonias and coleus – Every summer, I get a little thrill when my Bonfire begonia bursts hundreds of.

the winter and feed them with a fertilizer mixed at a quarter of the regular strength every now and then. These showy.

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