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While in the middle of London, where the mild microclimate favours them, you can often see the hardier indoor pot plants flowering outside well.

and Christmas rose (Helleborus niger), a few hardy C.

cyclamen hederifolium and cyclamen coum. Cyclamen grow from a tuber and can be recognized by their heart-shaped leaves. These plants go dormant during the summer months, blooming only in the winter. P.

New funk in old-fashioned lovely – Cyclamen coum is another hardy form.

Aphids, mites, slugs and snails can also attack cyclamen. Plants outdoors may also produce seedpods when pollinated. Leave them on the plant to ripen, then harv.

While not as large as their highly bred relatives, the species and selections of hardy cyclamen, meaning they will withstand cold, are truly outstanding as garden plants. They are exceedingly.


coum – once established, blooms late winter to early spring, roundish, variegated leaves last until summer; 13-15cm.

The lovely cyclamen, a favorite of florists for the holidays, is a cousin to a cold hardy perennial that thrives in woodland settings. The same lovely, upswept blooms dancing above the intricately patterned leaves of silver and green provide color and grace to the late autumn gardens in zones 5-9!

Cyclamen Cyclamen is a genus with a number of non-hardy species, but there are also some very hardy species of Cyclamen which thrive in a woodland or shady garden.Early Autumn flowering Cyclamen hederifolium will just about grow anywhere.

Cyclamen coum, soms de rondbladige cyclaam of cyclaam van Coa (Oost-Cilicië), waar deze soort veelvuldig voorkomt – niet van het eiland Kos, waar hij niet inheems is –, wordt gevonden van Bulgarije tot het noorden van Israël, van kust tot in de bergstreken.

A storage organ is a part of a plant specifically modified for storage of energy (generally in the form of carbohydrates) or water. Storage organs often grow underground, where they are better protected from attack by herbivores.

Cyclamen coum is a hardy plant, excellent for the garden in northwest Europe, where conditions are similar to its native habitat. It is frost hardy to very low temperatures, down to.

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Cyclamen Coum pink. When the number of ordered bulbs deviates from the content per box(es), €10 counting costs will be charged.

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It is said that one can have a Cyclamen blooming every month of the year, due to the range of cultivars available. The winter, however, is mainly left to coum. There is some variation in leaf shape, flower color, and patterning throughout the world; however, ours have rounded to.

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