Fuchsia Standard Plants – Collection

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I really haven’t shopped as much as usual but I do have some new experiments that bear watching. I’m fortunate enough to get some plants to grow as trials each season. And, of course, I have to visit.

This week’s lost fuchsia is ‘Royal Standard‘,

H. Cannell Catalogue, 1882 ‘Fine strong growing plant, one of the best for large plants.

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A full standard will need about 6 pairs of sideshoots at the head whilst a mini standard will need about 4. So, if you are growing a full standard for instance, remove all the sideshoots below the top 6.

HOW TALL IS A STANDARD FUCHSIA Before you start to grow a standard fuchsia you need to know how tall you want it to be. The reason is simple, a small standard can be grown in one season but a larger standard needs two seasons to reach the height you want and to produce a good head of flowers.

Alternatively plant fuchsias out in borders, in any moist, well drained soil. Choose a sunny or semi shaded site which is protected from cold winds. Provide a sturdy support against the main stem of standard fuchsias to support the plant and keep the stem straight.

Sun Ray Fuchsia, white/green/pink variegated.

Develops fuzzy flowers that yield black fruit. Alpine collection. All new miniatures from Sunny Border Nursery. Great for trough gardens, these plants.

Tulip (double Late) Bulbs – Angelique Dutch growers classify bulbs that aren’t the big three — tulips. caerulem that occasionally bursts into bloom about the time the last of the pink double late-blooming “Angelique” tulips are fading. Few things say spring quite like the sight of a group of tulips in full bloom. Most tulip flowers usually last about a week

Standard Fuchsia, Hanging Baskets and Pots One of the most popular trailing Fuchsias, award-winning Fuchsia ‘Swingtime’ is a bushy upright deciduous small shrub with large, fluffy double flowers adorned with vibrant scarlet sepals and very full white corollas exquisitely marked with red veining.

How to Train a Plant to Grow As a Standard – Examples of plants suitable for standard training include gardenia, rose, fuchsia, rosemary, oleander, boxwood and weeping fig. Training your own plant into a standard is less expensive than purchasin.

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