Happy Tin With Cookies

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That’s the way the cookie crumbles – Much of my day is spent in a world dusted with magic, adventure and icing sugar — a happy outcome.

I pined for cookies but ate biscuits. Monaco biscuits and Glucose biscuits from crackly packets. N.

Don’t ask me why.

but clearly, the use of canned Golden Churn butter to bake this recipe is totally essential especially if you are baking the cookies with all purpose flour (with 9.5% protein) + cornflour in a typical 3:1 wheat:non-wheat flour ratio.

Gift Pack Contains 5 Delicious Flavors: David’s Cookies assorted cookie gift tin contains a dozen freshly soft-baked cookies in six delicious flavors including cherry with white chocolate chips, chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, macadamia white chunk, and peanut butter.

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Recipe Ingredients (12cakes) 2 egg 50g caster sugar 60g butter (melted) *(I had run out of butter so I used 52g butter and 2tsp of coconut oil.)

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Fruitcake you will actually want to eat, plus other holiday treats –.

threesomes Have a happy Roman holiday with Italian cookies from Roman-style bakery and pizzeria Leonelli Focacceria at th.

Bristol, Tennessee, woman has hosted Christmas cookie decorating party for 19 years – No arms are being twisted, though — friends and family are more than happy to participate, and maybe even eat a few cookies w.

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