Nepeta Plants – Variegata

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Geranium Plants – Cabaret Red Dahlia Plants – Delight Mix Create an impressive display of colour with this superb double-flowered dahlia mixture. Produces bushy, mid green foliage and large flowers in a great range of colours. Height 30cm (12); spacing 30cm (12). In colder zones, dahlia plants can be dug and stored just above freezing in dry peat moss for

description for "Catnip/Catmint: Calamintha grandiflora ‘Variegata.’" Variegated greater calamint is a colorful perennial that looks like a cross between a mint and a lemon balm. It has green aromatic leaves that are sprinkled with bright yellow blotches. The plant.

A beginner could study one part of the rose garden to see how a huge blue-green agave anchors the blowzy roses, or how familiar plants like nepeta (or catmint), campanula.

for euphorbias and mints.

Perennials: Plant once, enjoy for years – Variegated Solomon’s Seal Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ has the honor of being the Perennial Plant of the Year for 2013.

Japanese Forest Grass), Geranium ‘Rozanne’ 2008, Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ 2.

Pink, Purple & White Bulbs – Mixed Collection Hang them from a dry branch wrapped in sparkling white lights. including hot pink, sunshine yellow, and scarlet red. The foliage is no slouch either, ranging from a deep holiday green to glossy lea. Dog days: Purple, pink tulips hold sweet memories – There’s one grouping, in particular, that I will appreciate even more because

Plant number: 1.108.100 Calamints are close cousins to the garden mint, but without the nasty spreading habit and are native to Europe and the Middle East. This selection forms an upright, bushy mound of soft green, oval-shaped leaves, splashed with creamy-white.


grass and is in the Hordeum genus; catnip, or catmint, is in the Nepeta genus and looks like mint (it’s in same family). In my defense, cats like both. Lame, huh? It’s not hardy, so I’ll grow i.

Archived Plants Please note: we are not set up for mail order at this time At this time, we are not set up to take web orders or offer mail order services online.

Time to plant for summer harvest – Flowering plants suitable for hanging baskets outdoors include; impatiens, marigolds, nasturtium, ageratum, begonias, fuchsias, lobelia, nepeta (catmint), pelargonium.

icy blues and silver greys an.

Cerinthe Plants – Purple There’s lantana blooming in shades of orange and butterfly bushes have spikes of pink and purple flowers. a crop of cerinthe flowers grew to 6 feet tall, not 3 feet as planned. Designers might not. (Cerinthe major atropurpurea) EXCLUSIVE – Cerinthe, featured at Sissinghurst Castle in England, is actually a native of the Gr. Read

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