Perovskia Plant – Blue Spire

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Award-winning Perovskia ‘Blue Spire’ is an erect multi-stemmed, sub-shrub or deciduous perennial with fuzzy clusters of small violet-blue flowers, borne on thin white stems, clad with finely-dissected, aromatic gray-green leaves.

Choosing new plants for this summer’s garden.

of Russian sage are available in the nursery trade. "Blue Mist" is an early-flowering type with lighter blue flowers than the species. "Blue Spire" or.

Genus Perovskia are deciduous subshrubs with aromatic, deeply divided, grey-green leaves and large, open panicles of small tubular blue flowers from late summer Details ‘Blue Spire’ is an erect small deciduous sub-shrub to 1.2m, with white stems bearing deeply-divided, aromatic greyish leaves.

Create eye-catching color mood in shrub garden – He also includes such plants as perovskia or Russian sage “Blue Spire” and nigella damascene “Miss Jekyll” or love-in-a-mist as gap-fillers. Reading about any of these color combinations starts the cr.

A handful of Russian sage cultivars or hybrids are suitable for the same USDA zones as the species plant and may reseed in the garden. Russian sage “Blue Spire” (Perovskia “Blue Spire”) produces darke.

Taxus Baccata Plants – 20 X 5 Litre Pots Many books on the care of trees and woody shrubs have been written since those early times. During the Middle Ages, botanical gardens contained primarily plants of medicinal importance. more or les. As spring arrives, give it a good pruning, increase the watering, give it some fertilizer of 10-30-20 and increase the heat to stimulate.

No serious insect or disease problems. Plants tend to sprawl or flop as the summer progresses, but perhaps less so than the somewhat taller species plants. ‘Blue Spire’ is generally more upright growing than the species.

Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia.

gray-green leaves and airy spires of blue blooms. The flowers of Russian sage are.

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