Sambucus Nigra Plant – Black Tower

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Wyjątkowo atrakcyjna odmiana bzu czarnego o ciemno purpurowych, prawie czarnych liściach i wąsko kolumnowym pokroju. Na przełomie maja i czerwca pojawiają się kontrastowe dla liści różowobiałe kwiaty, zebrane w duże baldachogrona.

Year-round gardening: Elderberries can be striking, useful landscape element – Sambucus nigra “Eva” Black Lace and S. nigra “Gerda” Black Beauty are.

canadensis, is best used as a naturalizing plant or as a living fence at the edge of the garden because it tends to spread and.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Plant is delivered in a #3 size container. It is fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Black Lace Elderberry from Proven Winners has dark lacy foliage all season. Its soft pink flowers bloom in early summer then make way for elderberries, which can be harvested for making wine and jam.

Gardening: The best black plants to add drama to your garden –.

Sambucus nigra ‘Eva’ (also known as ‘Black Lace’) has dramatic deeply dissected purplish-black foliage from spring to autumn, and bears pale-pink blooms from from May to June and blackish-red berr.

I am interested in plants with black flowers, leaves or fruits.

For black leaves, check out the deciduous shrub Black Beauty elderberry (Sambucus nigra ‘Gerda’) and the annual ‘Palisandra’ coleus (.

Noteworthy Characteristics. Sambucus nigra, commonly called European elder, is a deciduous, somewhat sprawling, multi-stemmed shrub (occasionally a small tree) that is native to Europe, southwestern Asia and northern Africa.It typically grows to 8-20’ (less frequently to 30′) tall. It is particularly noted for its aromatic late spring flowers and its edible fruits (elderberries).

Want Japanese maple? Plant Black Lace elderberry – Black Lace Elderberry Sambucus nigra is a recent and stunning development in elderberry.

They are followed by dark berries that can be harvested or left on the plant to attract wildlife. Grow in fu.

The European elderberry, Sambucus nigra, is a more attractive shrub in the landscape, though not as hardy or as good a berry producer. Recent introductions of this elderberry has made it a popular lan.


Beauty” elderberries (Sambucus nigra “Black Beauty”) grows dark purple, nearly black leaves and produces clusters of pink flowers in summer. This ornamental fruiting shrub grows in U.S. Department.

Kolkwitzia Amabilis Plant – Pink Cloud Post & beam – Sent to England in 1901 by plant hunter Ernest. it an Award of Merit in 1923. Kolkwitzia was named after Richard Kolkwitz, a professor of botany in Berlin. The common species has white flowers but. Shrub Names, Listed by Common Name. Common shrub names listed alphabetically; (or list by Scientific Name).Note:

Noteworthy Characteristics. Sambucus canadensis, commonly called American elder, is native to eastern North America.It is a deciduous, somewhat sprawling, suckering shrub that typically grows to 5-12’ tall. It typically occurs on streambanks, moist woodlands, thickets, fence rows and roadsides throughout the State of Missouri.

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