Wallflower Plants – Harlequin Mixed

Wallflower Plants – Harlequin Mixed 4.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.

A superb bedding Wallflower, early and very free flowering, containing rich clear colours, bi-colours and intermediate pastel shades. Basal branching, uniform and compact plants. 30-35cm. Sow at around 1.5kg/acre (3.5-4 kg/hectare).

English Wallflower – Sow seeds in July or August so that plants.

too. English wallflower related species: Erysimum hieraciifolium (Cheiranthus allioni) is the closely related Siberian wallflower. There are a number of.

Wallflower ‘Dwarf scented Mixed’ can be planted straight out into beds, containers and borders to create a fantastic tapestry of scented colour in the following spring. Tough, compact and reliable – this short lived perennial is tough enough to cope in even the poorest of soils.

This superb mix of smaller, more compact, classic wallflowers in an array of vivid colours is ideal for planting up in pots and containers for a neat and tidy burst of late-winter and early-spring colour. Fully hardy, prolifically flowering and sweetly scented, the ‘Harlequin’ mix is also perfect for cutting for floral displays indoors.

Wallflower – Harlequin Mix This is a bedding wallflower that comes into flower early and then for quite some time with a mix of rich clear colours and pastel shades. The plants are uniformly branched and compact, reaching the height of 30 – 35 cm.

A modern take on terrariums – For those of us inclined to make our own, can you give us some pointers? What plants work best? What soil? Where can we find the little building/trinkets to go inside? KG: Moss and many ferns are very.

Wallflower – Harlequin Mix – 1100 Seeds Item Description This is a bedding wallflower that comes into flower early and then for quite some time with a mix of rich clear colours and pastel shades.

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These Wallflower plants – Dwarf Mixed – Bare Root Bedding Plants are wonderful located in containers, beds and borders in various parts of your garden. When mature, they’ll create an eye-catching display.

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