Zinnia Plants – Queen Red Lime

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Cut-flower gardens used to be the luxury of large estates, where flowers were cultivated in blocks.

and features white petals with a creamy yellow center. Zinnia Benary’s Giant Lime: Started from s.

What’s more, the flowers are fully double, very freely borne, and long-lasting in the garden or as cuts. In other words, Queen Red Lime has it all! This plant is a tall, well-branched, bushy Zinnia, great for the sunny bed and outstanding in large containers.

‘Queen Red Lime’ is a lovely zinnia with unusual with red flowers with lime tips to each petal edge. Growing to a height of 60cm, it’s ideal for using to fill gaps in the border, and also works well in container displays. It makes an excellent cut flower.

Linda Cobb: New year means time for new plants – Another plant I want to try is the zinnia "Queen Lime with Blush." These plants have maroon red petals with a touch of lime green. The flowers can accept full sun and are almost 3 inches wide. I will.

"Queen Red/Lime" variety (Zinnia elegans) Zinnia Angustifolia Flower Zinnia The Most Uniquely Queen Red Lime Zinnia Flower Seed, 100 Seed/Pack, Big Double.

Preventing apple tree breakage, how to save zinnia seeds and more – Queen Red Lime, sold by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed, appears to be a nonhybrid. To collect the seed, harvest the largest, driest, and ripest flowers. As you rub open the flower heads, separate the chaff.

"Queen Red Lime" (Zinnia elegans "Queen Red Lime") grows up to 4 feet in height with large blooms of maroon outer petals and lime green inner petals. Both these zinnias make excellent cut flowers. Glo.

Zinnia elegans An astounding achievement in floral breeding, these unique zinnias flaunt a stunning chromatic display of burgundy outer petals that gradually lighten to creamy lime centers with a mix of semi-double and fully double blooms. Well-branched plants reach 18 inches wide, holding the bold, 2-3 inch flowers on sturdy, 25 inch stems making these ideal for long lasting cut flower arrangements.

PLANT SPACING: 9-12". HARDINESS ZONES: Annual. HARVEST: Fresh: Harvest before flowers are completely open. With the exception of the Profusion varieties, deadheading is necessary to prolong blooming and encourage branching. USES: Taller varieties make excellent cut flowers. Beds, borders, and mass plantings. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Zinnia spp.

I love plants, I frequently say that I want to grow all the.

not bothered by cucumber beetles or other pests. My newest zinnia is called Queen Red Lime, and it has made me smile with its lime green.

Flowers 2 1/2-3" across are thickly layered with maroon red petals, then crowned with lime green. Vigorous plants grow to 40" high, with long-stemmed, uniformly colored blooms. Use in masses for borders and in fresh bouquets.

Zinnias – One of the best cut flowers, zinnias are available in many colors and flower types. Add some pizzazz to your garden with Persian Carpet, California Giants, Green Envy, Polar, Queen Red Lime,

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