Achimenes Plant – Crummock Water

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They sell the rhizomes only from February through April ( Check this site also for greenhouse hours and directions. Incidentally, the reason this Gesneriad was c.

Rose Plant – Susie Please can you tell me how to go about moving a rose. plants do not dry out and to spray the remaining leaves during hot weather to cut down transpiration loss. I would be inclined to wait until th. Lavender Plant – Anouk Dark Purple Lavandula stoechas Spanish Lavenders or Lavandula stoechas are hardy to

Achimenes Brighten Shady Corners –.

new plant in a shady area and water frequently. As new leaves develop, move it to an area with partial shade. Plants exposed to full sun tend to suffer from scorched leaves and dehydration. We’ve.

New plants can also be started from cuttings during late spring and summer. •Ease of culture: Easy. •Hardiness: Medium; keep dormant containers of achimenes from freezing. Rhizomes can also overwinter.

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