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Hybrids are produced by cross-pollinating two plants of different species or varieties to create a new variety in a single generation; they’re often referred to as “F1,” meaning first generation. The.

Garlic Chives Seeds After a long term freeze, garlic chives will often die back only to return again come springtime. Garlic chives not only have a multitude of culinary uses, but are said to be beneficial to the digestive system, stimulate appetite, promote blood circulation, and have diuretic properties. Grow Your Own Happiness – The best reason to
Peony Plant – Duchesse De Nemours Gladioli Corms – Nanus Mix Hardy Gladiolus Mix. Gladiolus nanus. Winter Hardy Gladiolas will bloom year after year without replanting! Use for border plants — grow only 1-2 feet tall. Attractive height for flower arrangements and rock gardens. Fully guaranteed 6-8 cm bulbs grown in Holland. Backfill with the same soil you removed; don’t mix

Brian Minter: Itching to grow? Plant these vegetables now – The whole allium family, like shallots, green onions, multipliers, leeks and.

and going to seed instead of producing their wonderfully flavoured leaves. Spinach is a cool-loving green. Try the new.

Europe plugs its own leeks – Until the 1990s all leeks were open-pollinated (OP) varieties, not proprietary F1 hybrids with corporate ownership. New methods have made hybridizing them possible, so now many seed catalogues offer b.

Italy: Cora Seeds presents all its 2013 catalogues – Cora Seeds is a young Italian company that is dedicated to the research, production and marketing of professional vegetable seeds. It has used the commitment and energy of people specialized in the se.

Petunia Plants – Surfinia Tumbelina Fragrant Mix Petunia Plants – Tumbelina Fragrant Mix "Priscilla" Melissa" "Joanna" : Cascades of fragrant flowers! A British-bred variety that's a must for hanging baskets and patio containers, producing mounded, trailing plants that are very free-flowering. Southern Gardening from 1997 – Petunias have come a long way in the past couple of years. Two of the newest

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