Patio/weeding Knife

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Garden Wise: Gifts for Gardeners – I walked through several garden departments of local.

A hori hori knife is an all-purpose tool with many uses, including w.

The secret to healthy home garden! – If you find any stubborn weed seedlings or deep-rooted perennial weeds, use a thin-bladed weeding tool or a garden knife to g.

The DeWit garden hand tools featured here are made to the highest standard, using traditional methods. Forged, in Holland, from carbon steel with beautifully comfortable ash handles, these DeWit garden hand tools are high quality and built to last.

To clean up more robust plants such as corn or cosmos without discombobulating the soil, I cut straight down with a garden knife all around them, give a quick twist, and out they come. Weeding My fina.

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