Antirrhinum Seeds – Day And Night

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Sow Antirrhinum seeds in early spring, from February to April. Sow onto the surface of a moist, free-draining seed compost, into plug trays to prevent root disturbance or into seed trays. Cover the trays with polythene to retain moisture until the first seedlings are visible. Germination normally takes 7 to 14 days at 18-21oC.

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Antirrhinum Seeds – Day & Night: Tall spikes covered in rich, dark crimson flowers each contrasted by a clear white base. Ideal as a central feature in ornamental beds, or at the back of the border.

Buy Antirrhinum majus ‘Night and Day’ from Sarah Raven: Deep, rich velvet, almost-black flowers, with pure-white petal bases – the perfect thing for arranging simply, on its own.

Antirrhinum Seeds – Night & Day Snapdragon A. majus. Dramatic flowers. Velvety-red flowers with contrasting white throats top the dark foliage. They make a dramatic addition to borders, pots and tubs.

Antirrhinum Plants – Night and Day Mesmerising spikes of chocolate-brown-and-white flowers rise above attractive dark foliage. Remove first flower spike to encourage a bushy plant and multiple blooms.

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Night and Day Snapdragon Seeds A Descendant of the Renowned Black Prince!.

Antirrhinum is the botanical name for Snapdragon Antirrhinum Germination Information How to Sow Antirrhinum.

you want to simulate the natural day-night cycles, and as a general rule, grow lights should be on 8-12 hours per day and off at night.

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