Floating Fish Dome

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The floating dome will do what it is designed to do, right out of the box. What you hope it will do with your fish will require a bit of effort on your part. I live in Northern California and due to the fires this season have had to deal with a lot of ash.

Mount the Fish Food scoop on the Duo Pond Tool to place fish feed under the Floating Fish Dome. Close observation is also an ideal way of checking that your fish are healthy. L: Ø 70 x 36,5 cm, perspex Ø 46 cm. M: Ø 56 x 24 cm, perspex Ø 36 cm.

Floating Fish Dome lets fish swim above the surface of water – The good people at Velda have designed a product that all pond owners cannot (and, frankly, should not) live without. Behold the Floating Fish Dome. 31-inches and $200 of plastic is just what your koi.

The cool new Floating Fish Dome gives you a unique close up view of your pond koi and them a safe peek into the mysterious dry world above them. Once placed in the pond and filled with water, the dome floats around and invites the koi below to swim up and look out or you can train them to eat inside it when placing food underneath.

Fish will swim right up into the dome where you can watch their antics. Put their food into the dome to train them. The dome floats over the surface of your pond on fabric-covered polystyrene.

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A Floating Observation Dome Gives Fish a Glimpse of the Outside World – Some people revel in being a big fish in a small pond. But real fish stuck in a real pond probably aren’t as happy about the situation. So to make the Koi swimming around in your backyard a little hap.

Floating Fish Dome Lets Fish Break the Surface – I don’t like fish. I think they look really gross. I certainly don’t like to eat them. Their little flapping mouths look like they want to eat me and the lack of teeth is the only thing holding them b.

Unfortunately this floating fish dome is currently unavailable on Amazon. But it’s a pretty cool concept to let your fish get a better look at you. It certainly would have saved the Little Mermaid a w.

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