Fritillaria Bulb – Persica

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Fritillaria persica, commonly called Persian lily, comes from Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Israel and Iraq. This spring-blooming bulb grows best in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 thro.

For those with damp, shady gardens who may despair of a showy bulb display, three possible choices are white Indian hyacinth, Camassia leichtlinii ‘alba,’ Fritillaria persica and wood hyacinths. The I.

Fritillaria persica Commonly known as The Persian Lily , this showy, statuesque 1585 heirloom creates a focal point in late spring display gardens. It offers a profusion of plum-colored, pendant bell-shaped flowers on strong 30" stalks above blue-green, wavy foliage.

We believe persica plum bells should be more widely grown as it offers a tall form that is excellent placed at the back of the garden or along fences, and develops dozens of beautifully shaped plum to mahogany purple flowers encircling each stalk.

The bulb experts at John Scheepers, the mail-order nursery, shared their beautiful photos and talked about some of their favorite frillaria: Fritillaria persica can reach 30 inches in height. This var.

Our Fritillaria Bulbs are harvested the old fashioned way: BY HAND. Buy Fritillaria Bulbs online at bulk pricing with DutchGrown and save. We ship our Fritillaria Bulbs in Fall.

I also was not aware when I started gardening how itchy these bulbs can be when you handle them without.

but we have gone for one of the classic specimens — Fritillaria persica, a beautiful, statel.

Fritillaria are spring statement-making beauties – Particularly striking in this genus is F. persica or Persian fritillaria. These bulbs produce nearly 3 feet tall stalks of deep purple-black bells with gold centers. It’s suitable for Zone 4 and is de.

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Planting spring flowering bulbs is rather like buying and wrapping.

aestivum), snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), crown imperials (Fritillaria imperialis), Persian fritillary (Fritillaria persica), gui.

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