Hydrangea Macrophylla Plant – Alpengluehen

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In 1950 werd deze gezonde en bossige struikachtige plant in Duitsland geïntroduceerd. ‘Alpenglühen’ betekent “alpengloed’. Bij deze prachtige bolvormige Hydrangea macrophylla hebben de steriele bloemen een licht gezaagde rand en de heldere kleur is donkerroze of rood. Het bijzondere van deze hortensia is dat de bloem ook in zure grond niet van kleur zal veranderen.

Hydrangea Paniculata Plant – Early Sensation Hydrangea paniculata Plant – Early Sensation Hydrangea paniculata 'Early Sensation' is a deciduous shrub producing large upright panicles of pinkish-white flowers in late summer and early autumn. Red stems and fresh green foliage, a pretty medium-sized shrub for the border. A hardy, easy to grow shrub, Hydrangea paniculata 'Early Sensation' bears panicles of pyramid/cone shaped

Master Gardener: Want to dry your own flowers? Try growing these – Hydrangea macrophylla, and baby’s breath, Gypsophila paniculata. These plants are all easy to grow and their flowers air dry.

The shooting star hydrangea (a mutation of Hydrangea macrophylla normalis), shines bright during the.

The trick to keeping this plant happy is constant soil moisture — do not let the soil dry out o.

Juniperus Squamata Plant – Blue Star Juniperus squamata is commonly called singleseed juniper because each fleshy, elliptic, blackish, berry-like seed cone it produces contains only one seed. It is native to mountainous areas from Afghanistan to China and Taiwan. The best in non-invasive ground covers – Several I like are blue star (Juniperus squamata), shore (J. conferta. blue rug and shore

Is my hydrangea a native plant? – A: If they’re ending up purple, that sounds like a Hydrangea macrophylla, commonly called "big-leaf" or "mophead" hydrangeas. They’re Oriental natives, not U.S. Some hydrangeas are native and some are.

Browse our large range of Hydrangea plants. A large selection of varieties and colours to choose from available to order for delivery direct to your door.

RODZAJ GATUNEK ODMIANA; Abelia: biflora Turcz. Abelia: mosanensis Chung ex Nakai: Abelia: mosanensi BRIDAL BOUQUET® ‘Monia’ Abeliophyllum: distichum Nakai: Abeliophyllum

But my favourite is the one called “Macrophylla”, which combines big hairy leaves with a manageable habit and the same blue lacecap flowers. Plant it in some shady spot where people can stop and stare.

Column: Taking care of hydrangeas all year long – Hydrangea macrophylla. It is also known as mophead, lacecap, hortensia or florist’s hydrangea. This type of hydrangea blooms.

Rhododendron Plant – Anah Kruschke Rhododendron Size – Rhododendrons are a diverse group of plants that also include both evergreen and deciduous azaleas. Height, flower color and form, leaf size and form, hardiness, and flowering times vary so widely tha. The Anah Kruschke rhododendron (R. Anah Kruschke) is a cultivated variety that grows up to 5 feet tall and can

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