Iris Reticulata Bulbs – Miniature Mix

Iris Reticulata Bulbs – Miniature Mix 4 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.

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Welcome garden lovers to Mary’s Garden Patch, your link to the wonderful world of flower bulbs of all kinds, perennials and garden information to beautify your life with nature’s best color. Different varieties of quality topsize flower bulbs and perennials include tulips, daffodils, daylilies, crocus, lilies, caladiums, cannas, amaryllis, iris, hyacinths and many more.

These are mature, undivided field-run Clumps. Economical and fast-growing, our clumps will give you a head start on blooms. The amount of roots varies, but is comparable to a 3 gallon container size.

Miniature iris bulbs, or dwarf Dutch iris (Iris reticulata), only grow up to 2 feet tall and produce small, iris-like flowers. Unlike other iris varieties, miniature iris doesn’t grow from a rhizome b.

Growing Iris Plants Indoors. Botanical Name: Iris reticulata Imagine growing mini iris plants on your sunny windowsill in the middle of winter. These petite flowers grow from bulbs, not rhizomes as many irises do, and are easy to force in a container.

The key to getting a continuous parade of spring flowers is to plant bulbs that bloom at different times.

while Siberian squill and Harmony netted iris (Iris reticulata) bring a touch of blue and w.

Our sensational flower bulbs are an easy way to provide colour in the garden. For use in containers, planting in the border or for cut flower use, there’s a variety for every need – there’s lots to inspire you!

Dwarf iris, a lovely early bloomer – Iris reticulata is a more popular choice for gardeners due to its color range, though both species mix well together. Dwarf iris bulbs come in packs in the late summer, early fall in garden centers or.

Iris reticulata is a low growing colorful iris that blooms brightly in late March in the Northeast. Its flowers are borne on short stems only about 6 inches high or less and the foliage is very thin and grass like. The blooms usually last into mid-April and then the plant virtually disappears.

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