Aucuba Japonica Plant – Variegata

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Aucuba japonica is native to the Himalayas and Japan and was.

This year, I will be looking for a female plant such as Variegata, Nana (compact), Picturata or Gold Spot and will be contacting local.

To ensure you get berries, the manual recommends planting male and female plants close together. Variegated foliage may not elicit.

the leaves have reverted back to a single green tone. Aucuba japo.

Spotting is one variegation pattern, and it makes plants appear fanciful and fun. The gold dust Aucuba (Aucuba japonica “Variegata), hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 thr.

A super hardy plant. Gold-dust plant (Aucuba japonica ‘variegata’)-A great dark green glossy leaves shrub with yellow spots. It gives contrast when planted with darker green shrubs. Ilex (holly): My n.

Variegated Plants: Comments: Only female plants have fruit. This plant grown for is beautiful gold and green variegated leaves. Relatively slow growing. Plant in a well drained soil and partial shade. Cannot tolerate the hot high noon and early afternoon sunlight in summer. Cannot withstand water logged soil. Makes an excellent container plant.

Another shrub with a choice of variegations is Japanese aucuba (Aucuba japonica). Gold dust plant is the common name for the most widely grown cultivar, ‘Variegata.’ Its dark green leaves are spotted.

Aucuba japonica, commonly called spotted laurel, is a rounded, shade-loving, evergreen shrub in the Garryaceae family, a small family that includes just two genera Garrya and Aucuba. It typically grows to 6-10′ (infrequently to 15′) tall, unless pruned shorter.

Originally used as medicinal plants, aucubas are now primarily grown as ornamental plants. Aucuba (which is spelled by some as Acuba) is a genus that traditionally held 3 species (Aucuba japonica, Aucuba chinensis, and Aucuba himalaica) but which has recently been expanded to 10 species.

More Landscape Shrubs: Aucuba japonica – Male plants have yellow anthers, while female plants have red to purple flowers followed by red berries. The solid green Aucuba, I find, survives the winters in New York better than the variegated var.

Plant Description. Striking gold variegated shrub for shade gardens. Beautiful bright green foliage is so heavily speckled with gold it projects an overall yellow-green appearance. Plants may be male or female; females may produces berries if a male pollenizer is planted nearby. Excellent background for contrasting foliage plants. Evergreen shrub.

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