Begonia Plants – Super Cascade Mix

Begonia Plants – Super Cascade Mix 4.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.

There are tuberous varieties that can cascade brilliant flowers in.

it’s considered the perfect pass along plant to share with others, Purinton said. The stem of a leaf of a begonia can be put in a.

Illuminate your summer displays with the very latest and best trailing Begonia – Super Cascade Mix; Containing THE very best palette of bright colours ever seen in.

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Containing THE very best palette of bright colours ever seen in begonias, including some completely new shades, Super Cascade will provide you with the most torrential summer-long display of semi-double cascading double begonia blooms – each 3-4′ across! Super Cascade is ideally suited for the British climate too with strong, very weather resistant blooms – giving you a cascading rainbow of colour from.

A new generation of cascading begonias – with far more flowers and unique new colour! These superb plants have a vigorous, cascading habit, and are extremely floriferous, producing masses of weather-tolerant double and semi-double blooms, up to 8cm (3") across, in a unique range of up to nine colours! Height 25-30cm (8-12").

Your choices include tall plants with impressive flowers, bushy specimens that fill space well, trailing plants that cascade over a planter’s edge and short, mat-forming bloomers. Mix and match them .

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