Fuchsia Hardy Plant – Delta’s Sarah

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Gaillardia Plant – Sunset Cutie Sunset Cutie Gaillardia will grow up to 14 inches in height with an equal spread. It has a compact, mounded habit and can withstand drought once established. Sunset Cutie prefers full sun, but can thrive under many conditions. How can I trim, divide and root sedum plants? – Athens Select gaillardia "Georgia Sunset’ has bloomed

A few weeks ago, I told you about some of the hits and misses in my garden this year — plants.

save the hardy, recyclable ones and replace the tender varieties with new ones in spring to start the.

Sumptuous peony is ‘queen of everything’ (and princess of quite a lot!) – “Sarah Bernhardt.

long-lived, hardy and reliable bloomers. In full sun to light shade, peonies thrive in neutral to mildly alkaline soil. Fall and spring feedings with 4-10-6 fertilizer provides nu.

Flowering Plants Will Flourish Indoors All Winter If You Know – It`s kind of natural for people to want to have flowering plants this time of year because everything outside tells you it`s winter,“ says Carol Heffernan, a saleswoman at Fertile Delta.


A very pretty fuchsia with large semi-double flowers, the tube and sepal white while the corolla is blue fading to pale violet. Fuchsias Delta’s Sarah reaches a height of 36" (90 cm). Plant out from late May all through the summer. Hardy once established. Suitable for potting on or, dependent on time of year, planting straight into the garden.

Solar Post Light Alcea Plant – Cabaret Alcea Plants – Cabaret. Hollyhock. Ideal for the smaller garden. Produces many spikes of large, single blooms in a range of colours including pink, rose, pale yellow and white. Flowers June-August (year 2). Height 120cm (4′). Suitable for the back of border. Supplied in 9cm pots. Digitalis Plant – Summer King

This beautiful bush variety produces a succession of supremely weather resistant, unusual coloured blue flowers, up 6cm (2 1/2") in diameter. The semi-double blooms of hardy Fuchsia ‘Delta’s Sarah’, make a spectacular display in borders and patio containers year after year, in ever increasing numbers.

A must-have fuchsia, but what makes it really special is the fact it is winter hardy! Covered in large, weather-resistant, semi-double blooms, up to 6cm (2.5in), Deltas Sarah will delight everyone who sees it – just imagine this display in your garden year after year!

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