Juniperus Conferta Plant – Schlager

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Common name: Juniper ‘Silver Mist’ * Botanical name: Juniperus conferta ‘Silver Mist’ * What it is.

Pruning not needed unless it grows beyond allotted space, in which case the plant can be snipped.

Specific epithet conferta comes from the Latin word for crowded in reference to the foliage. ‘Blue Pacific’ is a trailing, lower growing cultivar that typically grows to at most 12” tall.

Junipers (Juniperus.

plant hardiness zone 3 through 11. Blue junipers, sporting dense, bluish-green or gray foliage, grow in a wide range of shapes and sizes and thrive in locations with full to pa.

Mieke Fortune at North Arm, north of Brisbane, is harvesting her first field of Juniperus conferta mini Christmas trees, as a way to value-add to her plant nursery business. Juniperus confertas is a d.

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Juniperus conferta Plant – Schlager Juniperus rigida subsp. conferta ‘Schlager’ is a sun-loving, evergreen, prostrate shrub with bright silvery-green prickly foliage. It’s a great addition to a garden needing ground cover but best planted in well-drain sunny spot.

You can safely prune off about three-quarters of the plant in late fall or early spring.

You might try Shore juniper (Juniperus conferta). This is a great low maintenance evergreen ground cover, an.

Juniperus rigida subsp. conferta ‘Schlager’ (Shore Juniper) is a spreading, prostrate, evergreen shrub forming a dense carpet of slightly prickly, blue-green foliage. The foliage is bright green at the tips of the shoots, especially in spring.

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you should opt for the thyme instead of the hardy ice plant. If you are dealing with a larger expanse, you may want to consider junipers, but be selective about the variety you choose. Shore juniper,

Juniperus conferta Schlager Juniper Schlager is a lovely dwarf growing, carpet building conifer. The bright silvery green prickly foliage is an addition to the garden.

Best ground covers are low-maintenance – it is also especially nice as a border plant, although in four or five years it may tend to block out whatever it is bordering. The variegated variety is much more interesting than the dark green. Jun.

Juniperus rigida subsp. conferta ‘Schlager’ is a low growing conifer with a wide, prostrate habit. The spreading branches are clothed on needle-like, blue-green foliage that forms a dense evergreen carpet.

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