Juniperus Horizontalis Plant – Jade River

Juniperus Horizontalis Plant – Jade River 4.5 out of 5 based on 22 ratings.

Tolleson’s Blue Weeping Juniper (Juniperus.

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This particular one is called Juniperus horizontalis ‘Douglasii’. As you can se.

The silver-blue foliage of Juniperus horizontalis ‘Jade River’ has a delightfully feathered appearance, forming a dense carpet of evergreen colour. During the coldest winters it takes on.

Hydrangea Macrophylla Plant – Alpengluehen In 1950 werd deze gezonde en bossige struikachtige plant in Duitsland geïntroduceerd. ‘Alpenglühen’ betekent “alpengloed’. Bij deze prachtige bolvormige Hydrangea macrophylla hebben de steriele bloemen een licht gezaagde rand en de heldere kleur is donkerroze of rood. Het bijzondere van deze hortensia is dat de bloem ook in zure grond niet van kleur zal veranderen.

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Juniperus horizontalis ‘Jade River’ Common: “Creeping Juniper” Low-growing, dense evergreen.

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Juniperus horizontalis Plant – Jade River Creeping Juniper Juniperus horizontalis ‘Jade River’ is a prostrate, evergreen shrub with silver-blue foliage that gets.

"Whether tending an expansive garden or containers on a patio, time-challenged homeowners need plants that add color, texture, and beauty while being tough and low-maintenance," says Jonathan Pedersen.

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