Weigela Florida Plant – Brigela Moulin Rouge

Weigela Florida Plant – Brigela Moulin Rouge 4.5 out of 5 based on 19 ratings.

Details Moulin Rouge is an upright, deciduous shrub to 2.5m. The mid-green leaves have an irregular yellow border, and the bright, pinky-red, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in late spring and early summer

Weigela will also be vying for your attention.

Lace’ (Sambucus), ‘Tiny Wine’ (ninebark) and ‘Baton Rouge’ (dogwood). This is a good time to think about what you might like to plant in the spring an.

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Weigela florida Plant – Moulin Rouge® (Brigela) Reliable and easy to grow, Weigela Moulin Rouge is the perfect specimen plant for beds and borders. With variegated green leaves edged with gold and reddish-pink trumpet-shaped flowers, it is best planted in an uncrowded position where both flowers and foliage can be enjoyed.

Varieties of Weigela Bush – hybrid. Some species of weigela in the United States are grown almost exclusively in botanical gardens. These include Japanese natives Weigela coraeensis and yellow-flowered W.middendorffiana, hardy o.

A Few Plants That Rise to the Local Challenges – We planted four of them in our garden nine years ago, two autumn amethyst and two autumn rouge.

screening plant, creating a barrier hedge or growing into woodland groupings with other shrubs and pe.

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Weigela florida ‘Moulin Rouge’ plants from Thompson & Morgan.

Weigela florida ‘Moulin Rouge’ Weigela florida ‘Brigela’ 6 Options from £14.99. Hardy Shrub. What is Hardy Shrub?.

Prior to planting, incorporate plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost into the soil. Plant Weigela at the same depth as they were planted in their pots.

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