Craetagus Monogyna Plants – 10 X 2 Litre Pots

Craetagus Monogyna Plants – 10 X 2 Litre Pots 3.5 out of 5 based on 21 ratings.

WHICH ROOT TYPE IS RIGHT FOR ME? BARE ROOT – Lifted from the fields from November to April, cost effective planting ROOT BALL – Delivered October to April with a mass of soil around the roots, usually bushy, established plants POT GROWN – Year round availability, quick and easy planting INSTANT – Units of ready-grown hedging, usually in 1m lengths for instant impact

Basic Hawthorne hedging sizes: Hedge in 10 litre pots manageable by one person. Advanced Hawthorne hedging sizes: Bushes in 20 litre potswith 4 plants per pot designed to be planted at 2 per metre to make a good thick native hedge manageable by one person. These plants will take 2 years of trimming to thicken up to make a solid hedge.

Crataegus Monogyna is a fast growing, thorny native deciduous instant hedge, with dark glossy green leaves. Our instant hedge is ready clipped at the sides, so all you need to do is plant and cut the top to the height required.

Griselinia Potted Plants – 60cm+ X 10 EERI Preliminary Report from the field: Earthquake in Gujarat, India – Electrical Power The regions power supply comes from lignite (coal) burning plants located in Panbhro about 180. that is 5 m below the dock surface (an area 1.2 km long x 45 m wide). The 60 cm D, 3. Carpinus Betulus Plants – 10

10 Common Hawthorn / Crataegus Monogyna Plants 2-3ft Tall In 1L Pots. 2 Year Old Plants. Plants are supplied in 1 Litre pots. Whitethorn,Hawthorn,Mayflower,Quickthorn,Hawthorn,Thorn,some of the many names this native plant has.Leaves are green in Summer with beautiful white flowers in spring which turn to red haws in late summer providing the birds with lots of food over the winter.

2 litre pots = Recommended is 4-5 per metre but you can fit in 6 (in a double staggered row). 5 litre pots – Recommended is 3-4 per metre but you can fit in 5. 10 litre pots – Recommended is 1-2 per metre but you can fit in 3. For other pot sizes, just use the above guide to estimate or phone us for advice on 01257 265 232.

Single Plants. 60/90cm Potted in 2 litre pots. View product ; from £5.49. £6.59 inc vat. QUICKTHORN (HAWTHORN) Crataegus monogyna.

Single Plants. 120/150cm Potted in 4 litre pots. View product ; from £16.49. £19.79 inc vat. QUICKTHORN (HAWTHORN) Crataegus monogyna Single Plants. 150/175cm Potted in 10 litre pots. View product ; from £10.

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