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Cochliasanthus caracalla is a leguminous vine from the family Fabaceae, originating in tropical South America and Central America.The species is named caracalla, a corruption of the Portuguese caracol, meaning snail. This perennial vine (when grown in a climate without frost) has fragrant flowers said to be reminiscent of hyacinths – with a distinctive curled shape, giving rise to the common.

How to Grow Vigna Caracalla From Seed – Like most legumes, Vigna caracalla is simple to grow from seed and will succeed in many conditions. Use a sharp knife or razor blade to cut the outer hull of each Vigna caracalla seed. Do not cut the.


1999 The common dry bean or Phaseolus vulgaris L., is the most important food legume for direct consumption in the world. Among major food crops, it has one of the highest levels of variation in g.

Here is a nice example how comments will look like when published: Seeds from this species.

.are easy to germinate and need up to 3 months to sprout. This plant does not deserve its reputation for difficult germination.

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Morning glories (Ipomoea tricolor), moon flowers (Ipomoea alba), cypress vine (Ipomea quamoclit), corkscrew vine (Vigna Caracalla), scarlet runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus.

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