Ribes Gordonianum Plant

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This astounding hybrid between R. sanguineum and R. odoratum came to us from Hillier’s Arboretum. Deciduous shrub to 6′ with late winter and spring flowers emerging red and opening to reveal yellow on the inside — a wonderful color contrast appearing orange from a distance. Sun to part shade and occasional summer water. Frost hardy to -20 F USDA zone 5 or less.

Broadleaf deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub, to 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, spreading to 8 ft (2.4 m) wide; without spines. Leaves simple, alternate, to 5 cm long, 3-lobed, aromatic, margin toothed, dark green; fall color may be reddish brown.

Plants may spread by root suckers to form clumps if suckers are not removed. Noteworthy Characteristics Ribes x gordonianum is a non-fruiting, thornless, deciduous currant that typically grows to 3-5’ tall with a slightly larger spread.

Syringa Vulgaris Plant – Belle De Nancy Syringa ‘Belle de Nancy’ has mid-green, heart-shaped foliage in spring and summer. They make a wonderful cut flower and look great with peonies or roses. The Lilac is a very common ornamental plant in gardens and parks because of the attractive, sweet smell of its flowers. Belle H. Peters, Carol Jean Peters and W. Carlock

These flowering shrubs take time to settle down – I shall take some cuttings when the new growth is firm enough, then I shall move the mother plant to a new spring walk we are planting. My final currant is Ribes x gordonianum; this grows to two metre.

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