Sunflower Plants – Giraffe

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For our giraffe we started at the base and measured up about 18.

Extra tip: Don’t be afraid to be creative and do designs of your own. How about a huge smiling sunflower for a garden theme room, or.

17ft sunflowers they call Giraffe: Pensioner claims to have grown tallest ever species of the flower Victoria Wakefield has spent 30 years developing a new species of plant

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Sunflower stars all over the country! – Sunflower stars all over the country! 4-year-old Māia from Fairfield Kindergarten.

history came in at a whopping 3.20m (which is about half the height of an average Giraffe!) and was cultivated by.

Sunflower Giraffe – A brand new giant! Posted on September 4, 2014 by Lis in Flower Seeds , General , News from Suttons , Planting Flowers , Wildlife gardening To celebrate 2015 being the Year of the Sunflower Suttons is introducing 14 new varieties so there’s more to choose from than ever!

British bred by Victoria Wakefield. Perfect for the UK climate and a must for competitions! Possibly the tallest sunflower ever bred! Height 4.5m (15′). HA – Hardy annual. Easy to grow and a real favourite with children. Flowers like very large daisies with brightly coloured petals. Pollen-free varieties are ideal for hayfever sufferers and for cutting.

Yellow Flowers With Long Petals – Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus.

"Yellow Whoppers" is a 4-foot-tall plant with bright yellow flowers, while "Giraffe" has deep yellow flowers with red-edged petals, and "Last Dance" bears lemon yello.

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