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At Dobies of Devon, you’ll find a fantastic range of tomato seeds, so you can grow your own tasty vegetables at home. We’ve got a great range of varieties to choose from. Looking for cherry tomatoes? Try our Apero collection. Alternatively, our Faworyt selection is perfect for growing beefsteak tomatoes. Whatever you need, we’re confident we’ll have something to suit.

How to Germinate Tumbling Tom Tomato Seeds – Tomato seeds germinate best at temperatures between 75 and.

This helps the plant establish strong roots. Tumbling Tom is available as a red or yellow variety.

Streptocarpus Plant – Scarlett This catalog is for information only. If you don't see the price – the plant is not for sale. Available – Standard 3-4 Litre Pot, Large 5 Litre Pot, Extra Large 6 Litre Pot Edible Monster: 1= Harry Sanderson, Daniel Sanderson; 2 Joseph Carter; 3 Sam Scarlett. Atkinson; 2 C. Martin. Streptocarpus: 1&2 E. Grimsdale.

The disease resistance identification codes shown below can found at the beginning of the product descriptions. YLCV – Yellow Leaf Curl Virus V – Verticillium Wilt F – Fusarium Wilt (FF – Races 1 & 2; FFF – Races 1, 2, & 3) N – Nematodes T – Tobacco Mosaic Virus A – Alternaria Stem Canker St – Stemphylium Gray Leaf Spot TSWV – Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

Tomato growing in containers and grow bags using traditional and auto watering and feeding methods. Lots of tips for a great crop this summer!

Exciting tomato varieties – Sow seeds now, plant out seedlings or look out.

Look out for Sweet ‘n Neat (dwarf cherry tomato), Black Krim (dark-red Russian heirloom), Little Napoli (Roma tomato) and Tumbling Tom (cascading che.

Ailsa Craig has been known for its flavour for many years. it produces medium sized fruit of a good colour which ripen early in the season and well known by gardeners (My father has been growing it for decades and swears by it for a reliable crop).

Beetroot Seeds – Boltardy Beetroot ‘Boltardy’ seeds can be sown closer together to produce wonderfully tender baby beets. The leaves are great too for salads or an attractive garnish. The leaves are great too for salads or an attractive garnish. Muscaria Bulbs – Cosmosum Plumosum In the Garden: Plant bulbs this fall for a colorful display next spring –

Tomato Selector Guide. Step 1 – Tomato Type | Step 2 – Tomato Variety | Step 3 – Sowing and Growing | Step 4 – Enjoy!. If you’re not sure what type of tomato you want to grow and are a bit overwhelmed with the huge range available then use our easy tomato selector guide to help you find your perfect tomato!

Tumbler Tomatoes and Trailing Varieties make a great feature in the garden or on the patio. Recommended tomato varieties for trailing in containers.

Small-scale tomatoes that are big on fruit – Compact tomato varieties with cherry-sized fruits: “Red Profusion”: You don’t even need a garden.

Sets fruit just 60 days after planting the seeds. “Tumbling Tom”: A beautiful cascading variety tha.

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