Cornus Alba Plant – Sibirica Variegata

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Cornus alba ‘Sibirica Variegata flowers between May and June, when ice white flowers emerge. As summer ends the leaves turn deep red, providing rich autumn colour to the garden. When the leaves fall the woody stems are revealed, for which Dogwoods are renowned for.

Cornus is also the Latin name for cornelian cherry. Specific epithet means white. ‘Sibirica’ is a tatarian dogwood cultivar that is noted for its brilliant red stems in winter that are particularly showy on sunny days with snow on the ground.

Cornus alba Sibirica is an old favourite with cherry-red stems. Since the young shoots are always the most brightly coloured,

Redbark Dogwood Growing and Maintenance Tips. Grows best in medium moisture and a well-drained soil, however, they will tolerate a wide range of soils.

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Dogwoods and willows: A new style of winter planting? – In this category, the best dogwoods are Cornus alba Sibirica and Baton Rouge (sealing-wax red), C.

‘It’s a new shrub we’re.

Genus Cornus can be deciduous shrubs or trees, or creeping, woody-based perennials, some with brightly coloured young stems. Tiny flowers are borne in dense clusters, sometimes with showy bracts. Tiny flowers are borne in dense clusters, sometimes with showy bracts.

Cornus alba ‘Sibirica Variegata’ este un arbust cu frunzele cazatoare care face parte din familia Cornaceae. Arbustul este cunoscut popular si sub denumirea de Corn. Creste dens formand tufisuri mari decorative. Ramurile sunt in nuante rosiatice care contrasteaza superb cu albul zapezii dupa caderea frunzelor.

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settings. Cornus alba Argenteo-marginata — Silver Blotch Dogwood — is a shrub with irregular white edges on the leaves. It grows eight to 10 feet high with an equal spread. The winter.

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