Mixed Native Hawthorn Based Bare Roots – 90-120cm

Mixed Native Hawthorn Based Bare Roots – 90-120cm 4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.

Cornus Alba Plant – Sibirica Variegata Cornus alba ‘Sibirica Variegata flowers between May and June, when ice white flowers emerge. As summer ends the leaves turn deep red, providing rich autumn colour to the garden. When the leaves fall the woody stems are revealed, for which Dogwoods are renowned for. Cornus is also the Latin name for cornelian cherry. Specific epithet

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Mixed Native Hawthorn Based Bare Roots – 60-90cm Mixed native hedging bundles are made up of a selection of six species that are ideal for wildlife. Being relatively prickly and with a long flowering period that the bees will love, these native mix bundles include species with haws, hips, nuts and sloes making a species-rich hedge that will.

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Hawthorn Based 90/120cm Bare Roots – Discounted Pack of 1000 – Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is a popular native deciduous hedging plant also known as Quickthorn, May Blossom, May Thorn or May Flower. It has an abundant display of white scented blossom soon after the first buds appear, developing glossy red haws in autumn.

An incredibly popular mixed native hedging option, these Hawthorn based mixed hedging packs are made up of six native species that are specifically chosen for their ability to complement one another. Our mixed Hawthorn hedging bundles boast haws, hips, nuts, flowers and sloes, providing you with a species-rich, native hedgerow that will attract a diverse range of wildlife, whilst offering seasonal.

Cornus Plant – Kesselringii Plant List . Here is a full list of plants we grow, please send us an email [email protected] or ring tel 01483 – 284769 to check stock availability. All. January 14: Prune fruit trees; try some colour stems; plant onions and leeks – Even though the weather is mild plants giving good winter displays are

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Blackthorn Based 90/120cm Bare Roots – Discounted Pack of 1000 – Our Blackthorn Based MIxed Native Packs are predominantly Blackthorn which is ideal for heavy soils or coastal/exposed conditions. This mixed native pack is also ideal for animal grazing areas as it does not contain any plants that are poisonous to livestock.

Mixed Native Blackthorn Based Bare Roots – 120-150cm 120/150cm – we recommend 3 to 5 plants per metre. Tall Plants 150cm and above – we recommend 3 plants per metre. Many of the bare root plants are deciduous and to give a good hedge, these are generally planted in a double staggered row. Hawthorn Based 120/150cm Bare Roots – Discounted Pack of 250

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