Streptocarpus Plant – Harlequin Blue

Streptocarpus Plant – Harlequin Blue 5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings.

These make a wonderful gift for a friend – or for yourself! We change the varieties regularly. The plants are well packaged and the streptocarpus will be full of buds, ready to bl

Hard-to-find Streptocarpus hybrids are delightful pot plants worth seeking or growing yourself from seeds if necessary, simply to enhance your array of house plants with their colorful, trumpetlike bl.

What Diseases Do Streptocarpus Plants Get? – Streptocarpus comprises a family of plants native to South Africa that are better known by the common name cape primrose. Cape primrose plants are closely related to the African violet, with the same.

Nicely shaped plant with compact leaves and flower stems having large flowers. The flowers have beautiful violet-blue lace patterns on the lower three lobes on a yellow background, whilst the upper lobes are a contrasting pale blue.

Our 2018 catalogue is now available. Click here to find out more. In 2018 we won our 29th Chelsea Gold Medal, which makes well over 150 RHS Gold Medals altogether!. Dibleys’ Streptocarpus ‘Harlequin Blue’ was named as the RHS Chelsea Plant of the Decade (2003-2012) and Streptocarpus ‘Polka-Dot Purple’ came second in the 2015 RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year award.

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The name Streptocarpus derives from streptos, the Greek word for twisted, which describes the shape of the seed capsule. Carpus is taken from karpos, meaning fruit. Fruit, however, does not account fo.

Soap, Alcohol Halt Mealybugs – QUESTION: We hava a beautiful streptocarpus plant with big blue flowers. The foliage is starting to turn brown and we are noticing some cottony material under the leaves and along the stems. Is this t.

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