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Our sensational flower bulbs are an easy way to provide colour in the garden. For use in containers, planting in the border or for cut flower use, there's a variety for every need – there's lots to inspire you!

Our sensational flower bulbs are an easy way to provide colour in the garden. For use in containers, planting in the border or for cut flower use, there’s a variety for every need – there’s lots to inspire you!

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Tulip bulbs are a must for every spring garden – creating colourful displays in beds, borders, containers and rockeries. These classic beauties are the perfect companions to spring bedding plants and they make superb cut flowers too. There are plenty of Tulips which you will want to grow such as the long-lasting Darwin, old fashioned Spring Green and even the vibrant fringed Barbados!

And who can skip town without tulip bulbs from Fleurtiek? O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa: A great place to gather pan-Afro-chic interior design items, accessories and jew.

Sidney Schutte cooks with finesse and flair, giving the odd surprising twist to a local ingredient – such as crispy tulip bul.

In recognition of helping the Dutch in the Second World War, and for give safe haven to the Royal Family, the Netherlands sends thousands of tulip bulbs to Ottawa every year, for what has become known.

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Gardening: The best black plants to add drama to your garden – Other dramatic flowers include almost-black tulips such as Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’, a deep.

and Tulipa ‘Paul Scherer’, which combines beautifully with white varieties including ‘Tres Chic’. Among t.

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