Wallflower Plants – Persian Carpet Mix

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Calibrachoa Plants – Carnival Red Calibrachoa can be fantastic in-ground plants, but only if they are planted in well drained soil. Raised beds would be a good choice for planting Calibrachoa in the landscape. In the ground they shouldn’t need much additional water unless conditions are very dry. He wants to move them out of harm’s way before other men

Gardeners’ question time with Brian Kidd, Dec 23 – Q: Is it correct to plant shallots on the shortest day.

Q: At our local market we saw bunches of wallflowers called Persia.

Wallflower ‘Persian Carpet Mix’ Most wallflower garden cultivars are derived from E. cheiri and have long been associated with cottage gardens. Producing early, fragrant blooms, it is often used in spring bedding schemes.

Wallflower Seeds – Persian Carpet Mix Cheiranthus cheiri Contains many of the beautiful colours seen in Persian Carpets including cream, apricot, orange, rose, purple and gold.

Erysimum cheiri Persian Carpet Series (Wallflower ‘Persian Carpet’ Mix) will reach a height of 0.45m and a spread of 0.3m after 1-2 years. Suggested uses. Coastal, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Garden edging, Gravel, Mediterranean. Cultivation. Grow in poor, well-drained (ideally alkaline) soil, preferably in full sun. Will tolerate partial shade.

This RHS ‘Award of Garden Merit’ winning collection of tall, classic wallflowers in a mix of colours more commonly seen in persian carpets (hence the name!), is absolutely made for planting in beds and borders, smothering bare spaces and adding height to dreary winter gardens.

In the Garden: Annuals add color after perennials are through – Annuals grow.

hybrida) and Persian Carpet (Z. haageana). The Profusion series has tidy, foot-tall mounded plants that are covered with long-lasting blooms. Persian Carpet is a mix of unusual zinnia.

Why I Don’t Believe in WeWork – I recently sat in an aged leather chair, my feet dangling over top of a very expensive Persian rug. I was waiting for a chance to speak.

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