Allium Bulbs – Mont Blanc

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FORTE: These flowers can practically arrange themselves – Red Lion and Ferrari (red), Hercules (pink), Nymph (double white with red markings), Benefica (burgundy), Mont Blanc (white).

Pure white flowered form of this low-growing species, suited to front of borders or containers. The foliage is a feature of this variety, being broader than most allium leaves and subtly ribbed.

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Allium is a genus of monocotyledonous flowering plants that includes hundreds of species, including the cultivated onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives.The generic name Allium is the Latin word for garlic, and the type species for the genus is Allium sativum which means "cultivated garlic".

Alliums burst into beautiful bloom for spring at Arundel Castle – This year’s display, which can be seen throughout the castle’s walled gardens, includes 14 different varieties including Allium Mont Blanc, a rounded bloom with white, star-shaped flowers and Allium W.

Our sensational flower bulbs are an easy way to provide colour in the garden. For use in containers, planting in the border or for cut flower use, there's a variety for every need – there's lots to inspire you!

Sweet treats include Christmas fruit cake, traditional stollen, Mont Blanc cake, coconut rock macaroons, cinnamon stars, almo.

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Grow Allium ‘Mont Blanc’ in well-drained soil in full sun. For best results, plant bulbs in fertile, well-drained soil up to three times their diameter. For best results, plant bulbs in fertile, well-drained soil up to three times their diameter.

The Mont Blanc allium produces flowers of up to 4 inches in diameter on a 3 foot stalk, making them an excellent accent when planted amongst lower growing varieties. Like all alliums, the Mont Blanc can be planted in full sun or partial shade, both outdoors or inside in containers.

ALLIUM GIGANTEUM MONT BLANC: The Allium Mont Blanc Allium, a fall planted ornamental onion bulb. This showy giant produces large, white globular flowers. Plant them in groups of three or more bulbs for the best effect. They are great for ornamental value.

Tall and white, as suggested by its name, Allium ‘Mont Blanc’ is a splendid beauty with its 4 inch wide (10 cm) umbels of pure-white flowers atop sturdy, upright stems. Its basal, semi-erect strap-shaped grayish-green leaves are also quite ornamental.

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