Cabbage Seeds – Lodero Red F1

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The 2016 AAS winners’ circle includes Cabbage Katarina, Kale Prizm, Mizuna Red Kingdom and Kolhrabi Konan and celebrates new vegetable varieties with color, cooking and containers in mind. As F1 hybri.

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Tomato Chef’s Choice Red F1.

Chinese cabbage that outperformed its comparables by leaps and bounds. The judges were impressed with the fact that this plant did not bolt like others, even weeks afte.

Cabbage Seeds – F1 Lodero – 155091 – Cabbage Seeds – Vegetable Seeds – Vegetable Seeds – Gardening.

A maincrop red cabbage with high resistance to one or more types of club root fungus. A tasty variety for pickling or cooking. Resistant to the scourge of clubroot;

Agency climes just right for growing exotic vegetables – As part of the study, the HRS produced nearly 2,000 kg of eight varieties of veggies such as sprouting broccoli, brussels sprouts, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage.

mostly in winter. The F1 Hybrid seed.

New varieties for 2015 – Cabbage “Green Express.

Harvest in 75 days from sowing seeds. Pepper “Malbec” F1. Compact plants produce big crop of very large, four-lobed green to red bell peppers. Fruits are heavy enough to bre.

In Japan, pink tomatoes are the predominantly grown type of tomatoes, whereas red.

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Cabbage ‘Lodero’ is the first clubroot resistant variety of Red Cabbage. Tight, rounded heads of purple-red leaves are produced with good uniformity. This superb maincrop can be harvested from late autumn as the heads mature, and will store well after cutting. Cabbage ‘Lodero’ has a good depth of flavour.

Lodero F1 Hybrid is a main crop variety and is the first club root resistant red cabbage. It has good storage potential and its deep red colour adds interest to winter coleslaws as well as cooking.

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Cabbage (Red) Lodero F1. 1st clubroot resistant red cabbage! A quality red cabbage which is resistant to clubroot. It produces bright red, round small to medium sized, uniform heads with good flavour and storage ability.

Cabbage Seeds – Lodero Red F1 Brassica oleracea The first club root resistant red cabbage variety (there are several races of club root and Lodero is resistant to the most common of them).

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