Muscaria Bulbs – Cosmosum Plumosum

Muscaria Bulbs – Cosmosum Plumosum 3.5 out of 5 based on 21 ratings.

In the Garden: Plant bulbs this fall for a colorful display next spring – I’m talking about planting specialty bulbs this fall to brighten up your flower beds.

and feather hyacinths (M. cosmosum plumosum) with their violet-colored, ethereal flower plumes (10 inches). Eve.

Radishseeds – Sparkler 3 Oxalis Bulbs – Collection Oxalis display fun, pinwheel foliage. These plants produce a wealth of starry flowers. Some varieties of oxalis, also known as shamrock bulbs, offer purple leaves or foliage with dark accent markings. Not all have bulbs either. One variety. and she has sourced new plants for her own collection through a network

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