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Cress Seeds – (American Land) 1020-2507 Spicy flavour, popular in winter salad Sow Indoors: All year round ¼in (½cm) deep in clean punnets or modules of firm pre watered seed compost.

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brand new range introductions for this year with vegetable seeds that have been specially selected to give you the widest choice and the best possible results.

Arabidopsis thaliana, the thale cress, mouse-ear cress or arabidopsis, is a small flowering plant native to Eurasia and Africa. A. thaliana is considered a weed; it is found by roadsides and in disturbed land.

American Land Cress. American Land Cress is a strong flavoured alternative to water-cress, with all the same excellent qualities, but without the need for much water. Cultivation Advice American Land Cress. Sow thinly in shallow drills from Mar to Sep, to harvest from Jun onwards. Prefers a.

AMERICAN LAND CRESS SEEDS (SALAD LEAVES) – Plant World Seeds. A really easy-to-grow substitute for water cress, which reaches maturity in 7-8 weeks. The peppery leaves are absolutely packed with calcium, iron and minerals and can be used in salads, soups and stir fries. The plant overwinters well especially if protected with a cloche.

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Rose Plant – Simply Sally The foil may be colorful, but it’s hard to drain the plants when they’re wrapped. If the door has two hinges, simply take. Erythronium Bare Root – Purple King Leek Seeds – Below Zero F1 Leek Seeds – F1 Below Zero Allium porrum A British bred variety which combines the vigour of an F1 hybrid

Lobularia maritima. Includes rich, deep colours on compact foliage. Easter Bonnet is a great choice for edging plants and combination plantings where you want to get that trailing edge effect.

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