Cyclamen Bulbs – Coum Album

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For a showy display, plant with snowdrops. The Cyclamen coum mix is drought tolerant, deer resistant and attracts pollinators. It also grows well in patio containers. For the best performance, plant bulbs in well-drained soil with lots of organic matter and shade. Bulb size C. coum: 10-13 cm and C. coum ‘Album.

Cyclamen Bulbs – coum Album The pretty white flowers of these autumn flowering cyclamen bulbs set off the colours of autumn perfectly. A hardy little flower that will flourish even in shady conditions, this one’s perfectly happy in beds or borders.

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While in the middle of London, where the mild microclimate favours them, you can often see the hardier indoor pot plants flowering outside well.

and Christmas rose (Helleborus niger), a few hardy C.

While not as large as their highly bred relatives, the species and selections of hardy cyclamen, meaning they will withstand cold, are truly outstanding as garden plants. They are exceedingly.


Hardy cyclamen – Gorgeous as those are, the fall- and winter-blooming Cyclamen coum and C. hederifolium are even more worthy because they’re hardy. With heart-shaped, often patterned foliage and blooms in pink, white.

The lovely cyclamen, a favorite of florists for the holidays, is a cousin to a cold hardy perennial that thrives in woodland settings. The same lovely, upswept blooms dancing above the intricately patterned leaves of silver and green provide color and grace to the late autumn gardens in zones 5-9!

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