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Ynglinga saga, the first book of Heimskringla, first mentions a Yule feast in 840. After 1000, it is the main feast of the year. Saga of Hákon the Good credits King Haakon I of Norway with the Christianization of Norway, as well as rescheduling the date of Yule to coincide with Christian celebrations held at the time.

Our sensational flower bulbs are an easy way to provide colour in the garden. For use in containers, planting in the border or for cut flower use, there’s a variety for every need – there’s lots to inspire you!

Dahlia Plants – Delight Mix Bringing profuse bouquets into the house, however, means a limited show in the garden. You can solve this. cosmos (Cosmos Versailles Series), dahlia (Dahlia Karma® Series), snapdragon (Antirrhinum. Old garden roses are back and so is kale. What will be next? Carnations, snapdragons, Kentucky bluegrass? The possibilities are endless. The dahlia, a tender perennial from

Catch the fever for cheery daffodils — and community planting projects – If you’ve had time to open any of the spring catalogs cascading into your mail box, you’ll see plenty of daffodils for beds and borders.

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Daffodil (cornish) Bulbs – Martinette The pretty daffodils appear in multiples on strong 16 stems that don't drag or droop in the garden. Plus, Martinette is sweetly fragrant-their scent perfumes the entire area when in full bloom. They are perfect for adding lush color to seasonal borders, decorative pots and cutting gardens. Ever plant some bulbs in the fall and

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