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Types of Pots or Containers for Herbs. Most herbs can be grown in virtually any kind of pot or container. The key element to choosing a vessel to grow your herbs in is drainage.

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Starting an herb garden can be a wonderful hobby for nearly anyone. While most apartment dwellers or urbanites don’t have backyards for expansive vegetable gardens, you do not need much space at all to grow a few herbs.

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Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit with Planter Pots, Slate Markers, Fiber Soil, Germination Bags, Basil, Chive and Sage Seeds. Complete and Easy to Grow on Indoor Kitchen Windowsill.

There is nothing like being able to pick fresh herbs for your favorite dishes right when you need them. This is where an indoor window sill herb garden comes in quite handy. Learn more in this article.

It seems like my oven has been getting a break lately, and my Instant Pot has been taking over the kitchen.

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Give each herb its own personalized pot, and you’ll never snip the wrong sprigs — or lose the markers — again. Clustered together, the pots make a charming little garden.

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