Lavender – Muscle Rub

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Lavender for PMS – Male and Female – Yes, lavender is great for both male and female PMS symptoms. Lavender is calming and harmonizing to the nervous system and can help reduce stress and relax tired muscles.

of lavender essential oil.

How Essential Oils Helped Me Cope With My Traumatic Brain Injury – and I will also rub a drop inside my nose (note: this will sting the first few times you do it.) I make sure I am rubbing it.

This list details just seven of the countless ways lavender oil can change your beauty and home care routine.

start with a few drops of lavender oil in a warm bath. Afterwards, rub some lavender sa.

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This homemade muscle rub really works! It penetrates deep into the muscles, bringing a soothing and relaxing sensation. Among the natural muscle relaxers I’ve used, this is one of my favorite remedies to use after I’ve done my BurstFIT workout.

Homemade muscle rub is a great gift for an athletic or outdoorsy friend.

peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, ginger, or rosemary. A nice-looking container for the finished product — small m.

Homemade Muscle Rub Recipe. The blends below start at a 5% dilution, which combined with the cayenne-infused oil should be sufficient for most situations.

DIY sore muscle rub w/ essential oils –> all natural, deep-penetrating, works quickly, & smells sooooo much better than store bought rubs.

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